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01.02 Now Prohibited

The consequence of new building regulations is to have a long term impact on our environment; these changes should be recorded and understood in this wider context.


Freezing form in time sometimes stagnates historical and contemporary progress. Well known architecture, which form a familiar part of the physical characteristics which we know; are now no longer possible. Will this create a surge in the number of listed buildings? Doesthis impact on intrinsic value? and do these acts add an extra construction and maintenance cost for the owners effecting decisions on both when and how to build?


As changes from old to new become necessary it will be important to remember the context in which the declining forms once existed. The varied nuances which were introduced to the field of construction, form and ultimately use. How they speak about functions which have either adapted or been lost from daily life, but from which our current trends and activities have sprung…


The new regulations and policies have affected what we can aspire to build architecturally. Looking abroad, many well-known constructs, places and processes are loved for the very reasons which would prohibit their existence in England.

This article was written in 2010 and as such is written in the context of the social and political conditions of the time

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