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03.04 The Apathy Triange

Unimaginatively the apathy triangle is a combination of the problems created by out societies approach to the three outlined issues, the passive consumer, global inactivity concerning climate change and political avoidance regarding responsibility and ideology in the face of another economic contraction.

These three different issues portray an inability or unwillingness to challenge and change the status quo. The idea that there is no need for true change because we have exhausted all ideological or political alternatives. That things could be better but they could be allot worse, so let’s not push too hard for too much change too soon.

I refer to this phenomenon as a triangle because it is self-serving stability. As long as we remain inactive as citizens; state bodies and politicians remain without true ideology and no one acts for on behalf of a global good then we remain stable in a passive status quo.

This article was written in 2011 and as such is written in the context of the social and political conditions of the time

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