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Mobile Installation Gellerup

A mobile installation currently located in the Gellerup Art Factory in the new Sports and Culture Campus which will soon move to the “Mellemrummet”, the common-space connected to the Gellerup Bibliotek. This is a physical space that can be explored and navigated in a different way to that of the earlier, linear timeline. It showcases the social and political mechanisms of change in the area, and how they became manifest and embedded, resulting in deep-rooted change. Charting the emergence of the neighbourhood from its previous designation as a family farm, the adopted Braband masterplan of the 1960s development centred around post-modern typologies and ideals visible in the Corbusian architectural typology. Subsequent migration and masterplan renovations still being implemented here, tell a different story of global migration development, diversification, transformation, exclusion, renovation and reinvention.

The project is realized in collaboration with Sigridstue Art Platform in Gellerup and financial supported through Sigrids Stues funding from Statens Kunstfond/ The Danish Art Foundation, Den Jyske Kunstfond/ Jutland Art Foundation and Aarhus Kommune/ The municipality of Aarhus

Many thanks to Brabrand-Årslev Lokalhistoriske Arkiv/ Brabrand-Årslev for local history archive and everyone else who got involved to make the project possible!

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