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07.01 Freedom… being conscious

Emancipatory consciousness occurs when there is widespread realization that the social, political and economic constructs under which a population labours are no longer operating in a constructive way for a […]

06.04 Public realm and protest

The architecture of the public realm has always featured heavily in shaping the lives of its inhabitants. From spaces, monuments and public realm strategies implemented to emphasise the grandeur of […]

06.03 The aftermath

The atmosphere is cordial and almost nervous, perhaps I’m not the only one who hasn’t been to church for a while. But it’s not just that, it’s also the weight […]

06.02 A small death… that of democracy

It would seem clear that there is a contradiction between the operational constitutional expectations of a democratic nation state and the requirements for a stable and perpetually growing global economic community. Most […]

06.01 De-contextualising protest

The purpose of protest is to disrupt existing social, political and economic constructs. This underlying principle is key to understanding the contested territory of the public realm; where the gathering […]

05.02 A broken rhetoric

So David Cameron is at it again; a new rhetoric of meaningless powder-puff substance. His recent applauding of the ‘tough’ sentencing being handed down to those participating or in-sighting the […]