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03 Building Cuts

Film: Building Cut, Gordon Matta Clark (1975)

This session explored the issue of the re-imagined warehouse…

The case studies for this screening including the disused Kops Brewer in Fulham, and a showing of the 1975/6 Program 7 or Program 8: Office Baroque by the iconic artist Gordan Matta-Clark.

Across the UK and other post-industrial landscapes there is an abundance of disused buildings; often large in scale, these exist as relics from industrial processes which have migrated to foreign shores. However, with the disappearance of the purpose for which these buildings were first constructed, the urban diaspora has revolutionised their potential occupation and therefore their inherent re/development potential. These buildings are now firmly located in areas with a new social relevance.


This event took place in 2012 and as such reflects the social and political conditions of the time

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