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Chapel of Many

4th -11th October 2011 @Coventry Cathedral Ruins

A Space of Reconciliation, Public Debate and Artful Equiry…

The Chapel of Many is the proposed third Chapel of Coventry Cathedral, augmenting the Chapel of Unity and the Chapel of Industry – the third is a Chapel that can reach out into the world, that can appear anywhere, that can host different forms of gatherings. The Chapel of many will first appear in the Cathedral ruins in 4th -11th October 2018

If you would like to discuss the possibility of getting involved with this project
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Twitter: @ChapelMany


The walls of the Chapel are formed of chairs, creating a protected intimate space for contemplation, exhibition, and artful enquiry. As people gather, the chairs are removed, creating windows to the surroundings, framing a view to the outside world and creating the connection be-tween the interior and exterior. Depending on the time of day, light begins to flood in or out. As more gather, the space transforms from being enclosed to becoming fully open and transparent.

The gathering of people brings light, brings transparency. The Chapel will be a beacon in the public realm, for experimental workshops, as a research tool for performance and public debate. The pavilion will be curated with a series of events during the residency within the ruins of Coventry Cathedral.

Symbolically the pavilion stands for peace – deploy-able to places of conflict where the gathering of people at a human scale is required. – a powerful symbolic narrative that builds on the identity of Coventry as a space of reconciliation.

The Chapel of Many is developed in partnership