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05 Power Walk

The session 11th July 2012 will explore the issue of Power and the Public Realm. This will be a walk re-experiencing 8 key spaces of protest in the vicinity of Parliament square.



The public realm is a space which intrinsically embodies unique qualities which are rarely reproduced elsewhere in society. It is a place where unplanned, non-commercial but social exchanges are produced between unaffiliated individuals or groups of citizens. As such conflicts will occur as individuals with different ideologies (willingly or otherwise) share space. These conflicts which occur over the use of territories – are expressed through issues of power, ownership and identity. This is essential if these spaces are to be representative of the societies that they serve. As such spaces which facilitate conflict are an intrinsic element of negotiating the public realm and the means of production. These are spaces not limited to consumption, leisure and branding. They are democratic and political spaces of negotiation which require use and activation to be of value to society. Without such interaction the public realm fails in the most basic of its functions.

This event took place in 2012 and as such reflects the social and political conditions of the time

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