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The connection between theories which challenge the status quo and the accepted wisdom of established architectural practice are explored. These are used as a basis to develop a critical spatial […]

Understanding these activities as a connected series or body of responses to political decision making; creates the potential for observing the embryonic stages of alternative spatial practices, as they aim […]

Resarch which maps some of the defining aspects of the social life within the Arts Tower. The information for these maps will be collected through a series of observational studies, […]

the “protest Contingencies Timeline” which looks at the social, political and economic structures on which the act of protest is contingent. Protest occurs at the dis-junction between citizen expectation and […]

There are over 30 physical barriers operating as a blunt and often ineffective tool to addressing the issue of disputed territories, the movement of goods and the migration of people. Throughout […]

Click on the image below for interactive map… Everyday there are new revelations from the Trump White House. In an attempt to establish some understanding of what all the words […]