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Inspired by the Detroit Soup model for community dinner microgrants,
We organise these events in Hackney, North-East London…
What is it?
• 4 presenters pitch their ideas for a project that will in some way benefit the local community
• They each get 4 minutes to present and then 4 questions from the audience
• The audience receive soup, salad, bread & a chance to vote on the pitch they think is best
• The winning idea takes home the donations from the door to help start their project

(suggested donation)
We believe in inclusion and hope that as many people as are interested will be able to come along.
The suggested £3.50 donation is just that, a suggestion. Feel free to give more or less depending on your desire and circumstances.
To give people the opportunity to socialise, eat together and discuss local issues
Allow people the chance to hear and help fund ideas that could benifit the local community
Giving presenters space to share their ideas, get feedback and possibly some funding

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